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Are You Preparing for:
"That Special Occasion"
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Business Parties, Proms, etc.
Prepare for that special occasion with private or group lessons. Gain the confidence to wow your peers. Have that special song choreographed
Would you like to:
"Showcase Your Talent"
Have you ever thought it might be fun to show off your talents?

  • Prepare for Dance Competitions
  • Showcase your talents at local venues
  • Learn the latest dance moves, polish up your styling, or improve your dance technique
"Enjoy the Benefits dancing can bring to your life"

  • Great exercise, that's fun!
  • Meet great people that share common interests!
  • Gain social confidence!
  • Improve Strength, Balance and Flexibility!
  • A great hobby you can share with your spouse!

Or do you just want to "Dance"